thistle Thistlebrook Kennel

My interest in cairns began over twenty years ago in Boston when I became friends with a fun loving little red cairn named "Jimmy." Jimmy is Mr. Bumble in the book, "Mr. Bumble and the Hippo" expertly illustrated by his mistress Jane Duderstadt and written by Bill Wheatley. Jimmy's spirit lives on in this lovely book, and our fond memories of his summer visits here.

Visitors can find Thistlebrook by using our map but please call ahead for an appointment.


While visiting Thistlebrook and Skaneateles, you would enjoy a visit to "Aristocats and Dogs" at 62 East Genesee Street. This fabulous waterfront boutique carries a unique selection of dog items not found anywhere else. For their hours please telephone, 315-685-4849.

Winifred Bixler
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